Our History

Fazenda Alpina is a family-owned farm between Águas de Santa Bárbara and Manduri in the heart of the state of Sao Paulo, Brasil. Lying close to the Represa de Jurumirim, the region is well known for natural diversity,  mineral springs, waterfalls, the purity of water and the prosperity of the land.

For more than 30 years, the Gregori family has been a cornerstone of the rural community, producing various essential oils  for the Brazilian and international markets as well as doing their own research.

Fazenda Alpina plantation wildlife

Natural Farming, Wildlife & Conservation

We put in a lot of effort in the cultivation of various trees that are rich with seeds and fruits strewn throughout the plantations.Fazenda Alpina is an all natural farm, which means that we are not using any artificial soil enhancement and neither pesticides nor herbicides.

At the same time we are largely relying on our own water and energy for the distillation of the oil, we grow organic fuel to reduce the ecological footprint of our farming machinery and we nurture the local wildlife which helps us keeping our fields in a healthy and productive state. We have been repeatedly (and currently are) certified by ECOCERT.

Since our essential oil products are cultivated from the leaves of the various plants, the local wildlife thrives on this harvest - especially small birds and bats that also help us control possible insect plagues.

In addition, parts of the plantations are not cultivated to give the animals a natural habitat to live. Rodents and reptiles are kept in check by owls (Tyto furcata) and falcons (Caracara plancus).

Organic Soil Husbanding & Use of Natural Resources

Instead of utilising artificial enhancement products for the soil, Fazenda Alpina deploys a carefully developed and all natural cycle of planting different kinds of useful plants which enrich the earth and stop any possible depletion and erosion.

Other helpful plants keep vermin at bay and keep the losses to a minimum. The structuring of the planting cycles and the constant review of the effects are the key to the success of our plantation.

At the same time we forgo the usage of unnecessary chemicals, relying, for example, on self produced vinegar to use against insects. We also harvest the seeds of various helpful plants in order to replant them in future cycles.

Naturally a plantation needs a lot of water - due to the diversified structure of Fazenda Alpina, we are able to keep artificial irrigation to a minimum by using our own 100 meter deep well.