Our work is based on five simple yet important fundamentals that guide our relationship when farming our land and setting the standards of our production: Responsibility; Trust; Innovation; Uniqueness; and Organic Quality.

Leaf with DNA

Responsibility & Trust

Competence and consciousness in essential oil production, from human relationships to the land. A company with ethical grounds, both reliable and trustworthy. We seek to partner with our clients to provide products that will best fit their needs.

Innovation & Uniqueness

Steam distillation and filtering that are state of the art. Oils that set themselves aside for their quality and scientific background.

Organic Quality

One of the first farms to receive an organic certification in Brazil. The quality of our products is firmly rooted in its deep connection with nature, which remains vibrant in all its forms in our products.

Our whole farming production is organic and local, free from pesticides and other chemicals that could be harmful to the human being and to the plants. All our oils are steam distilled or cold pressed, meaning that there are no substances or solvents involved in the process, preserving all natural qualities of the plants to its fullest.

We are known for the premium quality of our oils and seriousness in developing new products, having worked in close relationship with large cosmetic brands and Institutes such as the IAC (Instituto Agronômico de Campinas).

For quality assurance, all our oils are stored in excellent conditions, which increases their shelf-life and preserves their fragrances and properties.